Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another baby cross stitch sampler

This design came from one of my lovely friends at work.  She is an avid stitcher and is AMAZING at it too.  Her x-stitches are pretty much the same on both sides... mine are a complete mess of knots on the opposite side.

Anyway, it is a really simple and effective design.  It has 'fuzzy' cotton for the bunny (which is really hard to see in the picture), but you need to stitch it first, then fuzz it up.  Then you can stitch the rest of the design.  I think the original text says something like "Good Night, Sleep Tight", but I think baby's name and DOB makes it really special.

I have actually made this one twice.  Once for mum's friend's little grandson, and once for my cousin's little boy.

I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend, catching up with friends - old and new.

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