Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bathina time!!

This is the little cupboard I have near my shower in my bathroom.  I bought the Bathina Shower Cap at Macy's in Hawaii last time I was there.  I love that cap.  I've actually never worn it cause I just like the look of it.  I use another one that's cute, but not nearly as cute as Bathina.

The hand creams and soap came from Bec.  she gave them to me for my birthday.  They came in a box with the same paper covering and it was so cute I didnt' want to open it.  They smell beautiful - coconut - which makes me think of the beach.

The pink container is Body Shop - Moroccan Rose Body Butter.  Mmmmm, heavenly.

The brown towel's aren't my favourite. But they are practical and I have a stack of them, which is cool, cause I like it when they match.

I've had Amy stay with me all weekend.  I don't want to sound like a boastful Aunty, but I have the best little niece in the world.... she is AMAZING!

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