Monday, October 4, 2010

Blue Nose cross stitch

Ok, maybe one day I will get the hang of this blogging thing.  To be honest, I had forgotten I had set this up.  The main reason why I wanted to create a blog is because I love creating things (mainly crafty stuff) and I love reading other people's blogs.  Hopefully I will get into the habit of posting more than once a year!

So this little creation I made for one of my lovely friends.  She and her husband had their first baby (a little boy) in January this year.  I wanted to make them something with a sheep theme as he used to be a shearer.  I found the cutest little sheep - a Blue Nose Friend.  I found a picture of it and converted it into a cross stitch pattern which became a simple and effective baby sampler.  I was pretty happy with it anyway.....

I thought I'd add a close up picture too - should have been easy, but for some reason the program I usually use to edit my photos doesn't seem to be working, so excuse the bits of frame.  :)

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