Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cutest little bags for the cutest little girls

These are some little bags I made my sister's little girl and her birthday twin.  When Amy was born, Tara had been born only hours before.  Their parents had met at pre-natal classes, and they were pleasantly surprised when they saw each other post babies. 

They have kept close friends, and they often catch up for little play dates etc.  I decided to make these bags after I saw a little girl with a similar tote bag with all her little special things in them.  I made them with two fat quarters, and they are fully lined and can be used either on the green side or flower side.

I also machine embroidered their names onto the side, so they shouldn't go astray!

I gave the bags to the girls for their first birthday... now that they are walking, they are probably going to be more used, but while they were crawling, they weren't too useful. :)

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