Saturday, October 9, 2010

God made us family

This was a project I created a few years ago.  I had been to the craft store down the road to get some paper crafts and I just happened to look through the quilts and patterns and saw a similar design with the quote "God made us sisters, love made us friends".  I was going to make it for my sister, then I thought, I could change it slightly and it could represent my family (mum, my sister and I).

As with most of my little projects, it was made with some left over scraps.  I think I came across some packets of fat eighths that were on sale at spotlight and I bought a whole heap.  I am still using them for little things here and there.... they were probably my best find ever.  (Oh, and yes, I do check to see if they have anything like that bargain everytime I go there, but they never do).  :)

So this little hanging has been up in our lounge room for many years.  It actually hangs over a chest of drawers which looks very 'country cottage', but it really isn't.

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