Saturday, October 23, 2010

My handpainted lemon plate

Most people know this plate from my mum's kitchen, but not everyone knows I painted it.  Not long after starting at my current place of work, some of the girls were going to ceramics classes.  I decided to go along with them, and I made a couple of kinda cool things.  One of which is this plate.  

Now my cropping function seems to be working again.  But then even though I didn't like the stuff in the background, it looks a bit weird with nothing in the background.  So I've included a photo with all the messy stuff in it too.

Last night my lovely sister took me to the movies to see Life As We Know It, which was really nice.  Then today her husband came and  mowed our ever growing lawn and took away all the clippings and other garden stuff - yay!!!

I made some savoury muffins which were from the huggies website.  My sister has made them a few times (she originally found the recipe), but it was the first time I made them and they were a hit!!

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