Sunday, October 17, 2010

The delights of spring in Canberra

Ok, this is weird, this photo shouldn't be rotated, I am really not sure how that happened, or how to fix it.  Anyway, I was enjoying the colours in my beautiful little garden last weekend, so I took some shots of flowers etc which was a good thing, because this weekend, it went from the most delightful spring weather to a miserable, wet and freezing weekend.... of course we had visitors so that explains it!!! 

So the above picture is a tulip that just appeared quite magically in one of the pots on the back step.  We have a sneaking suspicion that one of our friends planted a few bulbs around our yard which is just the sweetest thing if you ever want to do something nice for someone.  (that is I guess, unless you mistake it for a weed or something and rip it out before it blooms!!!)

I've always enjoyed being in the garden, but just lately, I have had a new appreciation for the serenity and beauty.

I've just planted these lavender bushes - there are 3 different colours.  In the very back is a little rosemary bush.

This is a lavender bush that we've had for quite a few years. 

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