Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amy's birth sampler

This is the birth sampler I made my niece.  I finished it the same night she was born.  I pretty much had it done, I just needed to know her name, date of birth and weight.  I framed it the next morning and she had it hanging up in the hospital room before she was even a full 24 hours old!!!  The nurses were really impressed, and all the visitors she had also thought it was great.

It now hangs up in her room.  I also bought her all the characters who still keep her company when she sleeps or naps.

I'm currently in the middle of the next sampler.  This one is for Amy's brother or sister who is due towards the end of January.  I still have a bit of time, but if it's going to be ready to hang up in the hospital, I'll need to get a wriggle on. 

Close up of Eeyore and Pooh

Tigger and Piglet

Little Roo on top!
Hope you are have a wonderful hump day!

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