Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing with dandelions

I look after my gorgeous little niece Amy every Friday.  We love our days together.  We don't generally do that much - but it amazes me how much fun the simple things can be.

We've had quite a bit of rain in Canberra the last few weeks, which means that things have been growing... especially the weeds.  But you know, those dandelions can be a lot of fun - especially when you are a 16 and a 1/2 month old!!!

I managed to grab my camera before they were all destroyed, and I think I got a couple of cute shots.

I love how the camera captured the seeds so clearly.  This was just a basic Canon Ixus point and shoot.  No fancy SLRs for me unfortunately.

Very busy little girl

Soooooo cute!!!

Look at those beautiful lashes.  I love you bubba girl.
Hope you've had a great day. xo

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