Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just a few more of my favourite things....

I'm not so much into the regular type of souvenirs.  Pretty much all of my cute little things have meaning and remind me of someone or somewhere.  I've already shown off some of my favourite memories.  Here are some more.

The above picture contains a little fairy doll I actually bought in Lucerne, Switzerland.  I don't think it was made in Switzerland (it might have been made in Spain), but I remember where I was when I bought it, so it is my Switzerland memento. 

Just behind it is the milk jug and sugar bowl from a beautiful Wedgwood dinner set I have called "Angela".  I don't think they make it anymore - it's been discontinued, but my grandparents bought me the dinner set for my 21st, my aunty and uncle bought me the matching teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug.  I love the dainty flower pattern.  They do come out for special occasions.

A bunny I was given for Easter one year, the owl was a gift for pre-ordering one of the Harry Potter books though Borders and the picture in the frame is of a special High Tea I made us to celebrate Mothers Day one year.  (Wedgewood was used that day!!!)

This is the gorgeous Royal Albert house teapot some very dear friends gave me for my 30th.  It came in a divine box (I even keep the box out cause it's so cute), but the teapot sits outside of the box because it is so beautiful it can't be hidden away.

I bought this blingy bracelet in Apollo Bay, Victoria.  The little container it is wrapped around came from Braidwood, NSW, a little town on the way to the south coast from Canberra.  It always catches my eye.

I actually bought this delightful perfume bottle at a gift store in Cairns, Queensland.  I was up there just before one of my friends' 30th birthday and I was looking for a gift for her, and I couldn't resist buying one for myself.

One of my many "Tea for One" sets.  I got this one for Christmas one year from Mum.

A picture of my sister on her wedding day with two of our very special friends J&Z.  The frame is very very cute.  I is a little hard to see here but it has lots of cute things around it.  The teddy bear was a charity one.

Enjoy your week.  I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!

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