Thursday, December 30, 2010

Noah's ark cross stitch

Another of those long forgotten cross stitches!  This one is hanging in my old bedroom, but if someone was to ask me about all the cross stitches I have done, this one wouldn't come to mind.  After finding the long stitch in the cupboard, it motivated me to hunt around the house for other old pieces. Again, I think I was in my teens when I did it so it was a while ago.  I think it would have been the first cross stitch kit that I ever stitched.    It's pretty simple, lots of block colour, no fancy stitching.  One of the most important things about cross stitching is keeping a consistent tension so that all the stitches are even.  This isn't really the case with this one, but by the time I was finishing it, I think my stitches were definitely on their way to being consistent.

I framed it myself and the yellow border is actually just coloured paper (not very fancy, but kind of effective).  There's actually quite a bit of work gone into this.  It's the biggest 'solid' cross stitch I have done to date.

Tuesday night I went and saw "Little Fockers".  I recommend going if you liked the other ones in the series, but to be honest, it is pretty much the same movie just from a new angle.  We wanted to see "Gulliver's Travels" but didn't want to see it in 3D.... they only play it in 2D twice a day and both sessions before 12pm!  I don't know why, but 3D kind of makes me nauseous.  Don't know if it's the headache I get, or cause I need normal glasses to see the screen and the 3D specs on top of that don't go well together?!  I remember going to World Expo '88 in Brisbane and 3D was the hot new thing... but then it went away and it's only been recently that it's started getting big again.

Last night I pretty much finished the cross stitch I made for my sister's (yet to be born) new baby.  To finish it off, I just need to know it's name and DOB!!!  ETA is 31 January 2011 so we'll see how obedient it is!  As soon as it is finished, I'll post a photo.

Today I was back to work after that glorious time off where I had actually really forgotten what day it was!!!  I slept in, had a loooong lunch and left 5 minutes before five.  Lazy day!!  I spent the whole day working on a project which made the day go super fast.  There weren't many phones ringing and the few people who were in were pretty casual, friendly and relaxed.  Now, I have another 4 days off!  Woo-hoo!!

Enjoy your New Years!

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