Thursday, December 23, 2010

Road trip Part 3 - Beautiful Mt Gambier

The Umpherston Sinkhole may not sound like the most beautiful place to visit, but believe me, it felt to me like The Hanging Gardens of Babylon!!  (a real wonder of the world).  It was particularly beautiful in my mind as they had just had a light rain, so it smelt divine and it possibly looked more green than it would have without the rain.

Again, I had to walk down alone as mum wasn't too keen on the slippery looking steps.  But this time, I didn't mind being the only one down there - I think it made for some gorgeous photos!

Not too far from the sinkhole is the famous Blue Lake.  It was a beautiful deep blue, but apparently during the summer months it is a real striking blue. 
There are definitely some beautiful things to see in Mount Gambier SA.  I would recommend dropping in if you are ever in that area.

Only two more sleeps till Christmas!  :)

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