Monday, January 3, 2011

First achievement for the new year!

One of my best gifts this Christmas was this awesome 2000 piece jigsaw.  My sister got it for me and it's great because 1- it's a jigsaw and 2 - it's got a lot of awesome places on it... some of which I have been blessed to have seen in the flesh!

We had a bit of a dilemma for New Years.  My sister is 8 months pregnant and it was hot and although she was trying to make plans for us to go into the city to see the fireworks, I knew she really didn't want to.  One of the lovely ladies at work had told me about how in her family they have a tradition of playing board games until midnight.  I told my sister this and she and I both thought of the puzzle at the same time.  I then invited one of my travelling buddies who also happens to be a very talented puzzler and with our group of 3 we had a New Years Puzzle Party (with lots of yummy food and the comforts of the air conditioner)!  We cracked it open at 6pm and it was finished Sunday night (with approx. only 10 hours of work).  We worked like machines!!!

I thought I would breakdown the puzzle... before I broke it up!! (v. bad joke)!  Sorry about some of the blurry shots.
One of my all time favourites... the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Statue of Liberty (of which I have climbed all the way up to that little crown of hers).
The Taj Mahal.  I haven't been here, but I'd love to one day.... it's on the list!

The pyramids.  Again haven't been here, but would love to see them one day.

Stonehenge.  Again, I haven't been here, but I have been pretty close.

We were not exactly sure of this one... we called it Russia. 

Mayan Temple.
The Colosseum.  I have been there and loved it!

This one again, we weren't too sure of. I was calling it Jerusalem (but it probably isn't).

Again, not sure... but it felt to me like a Spanish church or convent?!?

Eiffel Tower - been there (and had a 'moment')... and a Chinese Temple?!

The Parthenon in Athens Greece - at arguably the most famous acropolis of all.  Been here and had another 'moment'.

We called this European Castle.  I reckon it might be Germany?

I had to move the outdoor setting into my place to do this it was so huge, but it was a lot of fun and definitely worth it.  Thanks girls for making New Years 2010/11 a fun night.

I've had a brilliant last few days... 2011 is off to a great start.

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