Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear sweet Ethan

As usual, I can't decide whether the photos are better with the flash (and the bling it causes) or without (less vibrant and blurrier with my unsteady hand)? 

When Amy was born, Mum and I went out and bought a stack of stuff for her. We actually went a little nuts.  Anyway, we found these gorgeous little decorative letters, and as she only has three letters in her name, we bought all three.  From memory they were about $7 or $8 bucks each ($21 - $24 all up). 

Now, we always talk about what you do for one, you do for the other/s, so we went looking for some suitable 'boy' letters for our little guy.  Do you think we could find them anywhere?  No.  This is when I had a brain wave - I could have a go at making them myself. 

I walked to Bunnings to see what they had (probably my closest craft store).  They had E, T and H but the A's and N's were sold out.  I decided to buy the three they had at $1.17 a piece.  Then we were able to get the A and N from the craft store at the shopping mall $1.30 each.  They also had Mod Podge and I had heard that Mod Podge was good for these kinds of crafts.  So I got a bottle of that for $8.95.  I already have a stupid collection of scrap booking paper (much of which is baby themed) and voila!  I had a full name for $15.06 - even cheaper than Amy's!

My sister was really impressed, in fact she didn't believe that I had made them at first.  Once I showed her the flaws she believed me. :)

Anyway, they were fun, and now that I know how easy they are, I might even have a go again. 
It's been a pretty difficult last couple of days.  Although Amy recovered from her 24 hour bug, it seems her poor dad has been hit with the same bug pretty bad.  My sis and the kids moved out of their house into ours to try and enable him to recover and also try to prevent anyone else (particularly the week old baby) from getting the bug.  It's been a blessing that mum and I are both on leave from work - but at the same time, it's a tough way to spend your holidays.

They have also had lots of lovely friends make yummy dinners for them.  It does help you feel loved, and I know even if everyone was completely well, they would be finding it hard enough to cook a proper dinner, so it's very sweet and extra helpful with lots of sickies around.

Anyway, lots of prayers that everyone is feeling 100% very soon.  And to end the post, another picture of our newest little bundle of joy.... 

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