Friday, March 4, 2011

Surprise 60th!!

My aunty celebrated her 60th last week.  She has recently moved away from her hometown after 35 years.  We thought we'd put a call out to see if anyone would be able to make it up there to help her celebrate, and much to my delight, not one, but three car loads of people made the 6+ hour trip for her!

We mainly kept it a surprise to avoid disappointment if any of them couldn't make it last minute, but also because knowing my aunt, she wouldn't want the fuss made of her.
I spent a good 3 hours decorating the room.  As such - you'll get a picture of it from all angles....


The birthday girl with the divine chocolate mud cake made by my clever cousin who is a baker!

The slide show we made for her that everyone seemed to enjoy watching.

Suzanne with four of her God children!!

Three generations.  I think a great night was had by all.
It was so good to see my Aunty so happy even after the party.  With all she has been through in the last few years she deserves some good times and she'll have these memories now for life.  Her joy makes all the effort definitely worth it.  I am so grateful to all those who travelled and helped to make the night special for Suzanne.

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  1. You are a great niece, friend and AUNTY!!! Love your work (and love YOU!!!!!!) xoxo