Friday, April 15, 2011

An experiment for the kids..... and Happy Birthday Mum!!

Kids are great for experimenting for, cause they think even the most simple and imperfect things are pretty cool.  I was inspired to make these picture holders when I saw something similar in Spotlight.  They were pretty expensive for a piece of wood and some pegs, so I thought I would give it a go to make something similar and personalise them at the same time!

I went straight around to the wooden craft and found some 40cm long pieces of decorative wood.

Then over to the quilting fabric where I found some really cute owl and jungle print fat quarters.
 I had some little coloured pegs at home, along with some paint and Mod Podge so I was pretty much all set.

First up, I cut the fabric to fit on the board.  I actually made a template first out of tracing paper so that I could figure out what part of the fabric would look good where... ie, I wanted the zebra to sit up the top of the board.
Then I painted around the raw edge of the board.  White for Amy's and brown for Ethan's - just 'cause those colours seemed to work nicely with the fabric I had bought.  I then glued the fabric onto the board with Mod Podge and added a couple of extra layers. 

Then with Amy's, I used a template and purple texta to write the phrase.  With Ethan's, I decided to just paint the phrase on freestyle in white so that it stood out.

Basically the idea is that the kids can pin up the drawing or painting that they have made that day, which encourages them to make lots of nice drawings and also to change them daily.  I think they're kinda cute.
As mentioned, it's my gorgeous Mum's birthday today!  We have a couple of things planned for the weekend, most centre around yummy food and catching up with friends.  This morning she was delighted to receive a text from her friend who is currently in New York.  She also heard from a friend she has had since 12 years old! 

I love you Mum, and I hope you have a brilliant weekend.

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