Friday, April 1, 2011

A few more cards....

I had a wonderful weekend last week.  On Friday I had a very productive day.  I did a stack of stuff with my family history research - I really get lost in that stuff.  Then I met my sister, niece and nephew and we caught up with another friend and her little girl at the National Science and Technology Centre - Questacon.  I haven't been for years, but it was a lot of fun.  I especially was interested in the earth stuff, and with all these natural disasters happening so regularly, I had been wanting to go back and try out the earthquake simulator. 

It's a lot different now from when I was a kid.  It used to be a platform which would shake, but now it's built into a room that is sort of like being in a set at Universal Studios.  Still, it's my most preferred way to experience an earthquake.

I actually have felt a couple of earthquakes in real life you know... there was the one in 1989 when I was at the coast and the Newcastle earthquake hit.  We had a friends dog at the time and she felt it a good few seconds before the shaking started cause she barked like mad as if something awful was about to happen.  Anyway, I have also been woken a couple of times in the middle of the night by small tremors that have had epicentres just outside of Canberra.  But they are nothing to the earthquakes in Christchurch or Japan.

Then on Saturday mum had a clothes party that was really nice - it's always fun and interesting to have people from all areas of your life come together and find that they are all connected in some way other than through knowing you.

I had another catch up lunch on Sunday with some dear friends.  And Monday I had my lovely ladies group which I left with a big smile.

The other great thing is that I've actually had small pockets of time to be able to work on my cross stitch in progress!!!  Although it's still slow, at least I can see it really coming together!

I am feeling pretty excited about this weekend too, and then the next.... we are back up the coast to spend some time with love ones up there and hopefully meet a new baby who last I heard, hasn't yet arrived. :)

Have a great weekend.

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