Saturday, April 16, 2011

Funny Money and a new favourite place!

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I had an absolutely wonderful day today with the lovely ladies.  As part of my year for appreciation of the arts, for part of her birthday pressie, I decided to buy Mum a ticket to a show at The Q - which is the performing arts centre in Queanbeyan.

We all went out in the one car which for starters was really nice.  Queanbeyan is a pretty cool place actually.  It still has a main street with lots of small businesses and it hasn't been completely overrun with franchises like Canberra is.  Mum had asked a few friends if they could recommend any nice places for lunch and some had suggested "The Country Heir & Interiors Cafe".  It's located on the main street, just near The Q. 

For me, this delightful little cafe was exactly my sort of place. It would have to be one of my new favourite places.  To make it even better, the company was great.  The food was really yummy - so filling that I couldn't eat more than a couple of pieces of toast for dinner.

After our beautiful lunch we were let out the back door which pretty much lead right to The Q.  The show (Funny Money) was brilliant.  The audience was in stitches.  The actors were really engaging, I was pretty blown away if they are all local talent.  The auditorium is really cool too.  The seats are comfy, and I reckon just about every seat in that place would have a good view of the stage.  I was really taken with the set.  I keep thinking about it, and the more I do, I am starting to think set design would be on my list of dream jobs.

We came home and pretty much went straight around to my sisters to look after Amy and Ethan while they went out to dinner.  The kids were great.  Amy went off to sleep with not a peep, and Ethan only gave us a couple of little squeaks.

Anyway, I am pretty ready for bed myself.  What a lovely day it has been!  Here's to the rest of the weekend!!!

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