Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girl time

Probably not the best shot of the picture (the pot plant has taken over a little), but this is one of my most favourite pictures.  My sister and I spotted it when we were up at Nan's soon after our first trip to Noosa Qld.  We had been on a wonderful relaxing trip with some very close long time friends and when we saw this Kelly Lane picture we both instantly saw the two of us (one blond, one brunette although both a LOT skinnier than we are) sitting at the beach enjoying a drink and each others conversation - girl time!

It was also around this time that we had signed a contract to build our little cottage.  So my lovely thoughtful family bought the picture for us as a house warming gift. 

Funny thing is the day before the builders broke ground, was the day my sister went on her first date with her husband to be!  He was there for the whole build and they got married and she moved out about a year after it had been finished.  She very kindly said that she felt like the picture belonged in the cottage, so I got to keep it. 

On top of the wall picture, we also got these cute coasters which are also Kelly Lane but are the cafe series.  There is a yummy award winning cafe at Gold Creek in Canberra called "Cafe Injoy" that has a huge picture of the cafe girls on their wall and when people see these coasters they always say that's from Cafe Injoy!!
Only two more sleeps until the Royal Wedding.  It promises to be another great girls night - dessert, a beautiful bride and every girls dream - a prince!

PS. Today was a long day, but wasn't too bad.  The morning was pretty crazy but after a lovely lunch with my mum (more girl time), I was able to catch my breath and get back to it.  Friday is still threatening to be a big day, but at least I have the evening to look forward to. x

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