Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding fever

I seem to be getting bagged out about tomorrows Royal Wedding.  I think the main reasons why I am excited is:
  1. They are two people who genuinely seem to love each other and want to be together
  2. I find it refreshing for me to have half the news filled with a "good news" story instead of the usual doom, gloom and sometimes down right disturbing stories
  3. I've always been a bit of a monarchist
  4. Perhaps I am turning into a romantic?!? and
  5. I'm looking forward to a lovely night of fun, food and giggles with my girls
With all this wedding talk, thought I'd post some photos of the bouquet's I've saved from when I've been bridesmaid for my sister and a good friend.  The other time I was bridesmaid the flowers were gorgeous, but they were tulips so I couldn't save them like you can dry and save roses.

The top flowers are actually my sisters bridal bouquet and the one at the back is the one I had.  They were beautiful dusky pink and yellow roses.  I think they dried really well.

This bouquet was from my friend's wedding. They were gorgeous cream roses with strikingly beautiful purple lisianthus.  The lisi's didn't dry so well, but I still think the bouquet is gorgeous dried.  Roses just dry so well.

If you do choose to watch the wedding, I hope you enjoy!

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