Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome little Kaylee Jayde

My cousin's second baby arrived last Tuesday.  I finished this cross stitch exactly 7 days ago (yes, the day she was born).  It's taken me this long to download the photos from my camera to post this!! 

Soon after the announcement that little Kaylee was on her way, her mum mentioned to the family that she would like a Care Bear theme for her new little girl.  I went straight to work looking for a Care Bear picture that I could turn into a cross stitch.  I used to love Care Bears when I was a kid and my sister and I were mentioning the other day about how exciting it was when we were kids when a family friend took us to the The Care Bears Movie

This little guy is called Take Care Bear TM.  Somehow again, the colours didn't turn out that great - well not what I was hoping for.  When I was finished it looked like this....

I felt like it was missing something.  The dark purple around the eyes looked to dark to me, but the white eyes looked too beady.  I also thought it would help to add an outline, cause it really finishes off a cross stitch.  So I added the outline, softened the dark purple near the eyes and made the eyes black and in my opinion it has made it look a lot better.....
It's not easy to design a cross stitch.  I think the toughest part for me are the colours and it doesn't help that my local Lincraft has a pretty poor range of treads.  Still, I am building up a pretty good collection so hopefully one day I wont need to rely on them.

Anyway, congratulations again to my cousin, his fiance and Kaylee's big brother.  (We'll try and get this to you as soon as we can).  On another note, I can say in all truth, little sisters are wonderful and I think everyone should have one.

Work tomorrow - although it's a short week, there is a lot that needs to be done, people away and as usual, we're getting lots of media coverage.  At least there is something fun to look forward to.... our Royal Wedding party on Friday night.

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