Friday, June 24, 2011

Best way to store your beautiful threads

It might look a bit messy, but these are my embroidery threads for my cross stitching.  A few months ago, my lovely friend from work who shares my love of stitching, gave me a lovely gift.  She gave me some thread storage spools.  I excitedly filled them up with my skeins that were pretty much full, and then I threw out the packaging, so unfortunately I can't recall the correct name for them, but they are apparently Aussie made which is so cool.

They hold a full skein of thread and you can write the name/number of the tread on the side.  Then you can click them all together which is just the coolest idea!  It is so much easier and better than my old storage method.  The treads are protected, and they don't get that bend in them that you get when you wrap them around those little plastic things in the box.
Can you tell that I like putting things in rainbow order? :)

Have a nice weekend.

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