Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally it is done! My lavender cross stitch....

This cross stitch goes in my record book for the one that's taken me by far the longest to do.  I bought the "French Lavender Counted Cross Stitch Kit - by Dimensions" from eBay in September 2008, it arrived from a lovely buyer all the way from America about 2 weeks later and I think I started it pretty much straight away.

There's been a lot of projects in between though - this blog is testament to that!  I think the thing that got me motivated to finish it though was that I started taking still photos of it, and I have JUST put it together as a little video clip to put on here.  It really wasn't until I posted this cross stitch in progress photo back in February this year that I really got serious.  I note though, it still took me another five months to complete it once and for all. 

I hope this video works....

As you can see from the clip, I did something a little different.  When I started doing the lavender part, I realised that I was making a lot of mistakes.  I kind of have a rule for myself that I will unpick any mistakes I know about so long as it doesn't mean unpicking the whole thing. 

So I had this idea to use a fabric pen to highlight where I was going to stitch the lavender/purple, then I could easily do the background and the lavender/purple parts too.  It worked out well, and all trace of the pen disappeared after it was washed at the end.

The other interesting part of this was that an extremely talented, generous and lovely lady at work laced it for me.  I really wish I had of had my camera, 'cause it was truly the most amazing thing... she did it so neatly.  When we took it to the framer, they mentioned that they usually stretch them and staple now. 

I think the frame ended up being just perfect too.  The gold part (fill it) had to be re-done because it was damaged, but it was definitely worth it.  I think the end result is pretty darn good if I do say so myself!


  1. Would you be willing to scan this pattern and email to me?

    1. Hi BLM, I have found the pattern, so if you give me your email I will scan and send it to you. There's just one thing - the kit comes with that background print on the aida which isn't part of the stitching, so it would look a little different without the kit. It is still a beautiful design.

  2. Thanks! It's a bummer that the background isn't part of the pattern.