Monday, July 4, 2011

Let's go fly a kite.... A magical Mary weekend

We've only been waiting half a year for this, but we finally got to go and see Mary Poppins on stage this weekend.  Woot!!!

It was actually a huge weekend.  First up on Friday, my sister's friend came to take some professional photos of Amy.  She is an awesome photographer, and my sister is happy with the shots.  I haven't seen them all yet, but I know she is a very talented lady and I am sure they are all awesome.  If you want to see more of her stuff including a pic of Amy, go here.

Then my brother-in-law came home from work early so that my mum, sister and I could go to our friend's dad's funeral.  I'm so glad we were able to go.

We were all packed and ready to go to Sydney so we left straight after the funeral.  We arrived at the train station just on 6pm and had to get in to the city.  When we got in, it was super busy, but we found a bite to eat and a bathroom and then it was off to the Capitol Theatre to watch the show....
It's such a gorgeous building, but alas, my photography is less than average.  It took me ages to get these shots, mainly cause of the constant stream of people, but also because it was dark.
The building across the road had Mary Poppins projected on it.... this is my mum's Sydney office building (she works in Canberra but occasionally has to come up for training and conferences).

The show was just spectacular, there was all the magic of the movie, and more.  There were plenty of things to make you clap along, cheer, laugh, sing and gasp!

When we decided we were going to go along to see this show (way back at the start of the year), we got out the old DVD to watch it again.  It was always a favourite of ours when we were kids - we still know most of the script.  Anyway, to our surprise, little 18 month old Amy totally loved it, and she's been singing the songs for months now.  Every now and then she'll burst into a rendition of "Lets go fly a kite", "Spoon full of sugar" or "Feed the birds".  It is just the cutest thing. 

We realised that we were not going to be able to tell her were we were off to as she probably wouldn't be too happy to hear that Mummy, Nana and Aunty Ang were going to go see Mary Poppins without her!  We did get her a pink top with "Practically Perfect" on it, and the cutest little soft toy MP.  I think she was pretty happy about this.

Anyway, way too much rambling now. I'd better go.  I'll just say that the rest of the weekend was great too - so nice to catch up with old friends, watch some good movies and get some down time too.  It was REALLY hard to go back to work today and face the new financial year head on.

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