Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tower bridge is falling down...

This puzzle was one of the many gifts my sister gave me for my birthday.  How cool is it?  It was a lot of fun to build.  She got it from Aldi, so it wasn't too expensive, but it was still a pretty decent quality.

I put it together a couple of weeks ago while watching the show "Go back to where you came from" on SBS.  I really enjoyed the series which involved a group of Aussies going on a reverse journey of a refugee. 

It even had a little bus crossing the bridge.
The other SBS show I absolutely love is Who do you think you are.  The last Australian season finished about six months ago, but they also show the UK version which is also pretty good.  This show really helped inspire me with my Family Tree research - which I am a little obsessed about, so it's no wonder I am obsessed with the show.

Probably my most watched show at the moment is Masterchef Australia which is pretty closed to finishing now. It will be good when it is as I will get part of my life back.  It's a big commitment to watch a show that screens 6 days a week.  I hope Kate wins... I guess we'll wait and see.

Have a great weekend...

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