Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bookmark for a Lovely Lady

I made this bookmark recently for a lovely friend of mine Pam.  It's her birthday in early August and unfortunately I wasn't going to be in town to celebrate with her, so I worked on this for a couple of days, staying up till 2am to finish it before I went to Perth. 

Almost every Saturday the "Lovely Ladies" and I go lunching together (perhaps that means I am a Lovely Lady)!?!  It's become a tradition that I really look forward to, and if there is a week where we can't get together, I really miss it.

Anyway, back to the bookmark.... I have really only just discovered these amazing cross stitch magazines - "Cross Stitch Crazy".  They are from the UK, so there is quite a delay before we get them here in Aus, usually too late to enter any competitions which is something I love to do.

The great thing is that they seem to have lots of fun small kits to do and one of them was this cross stitch book mark for mothers day.  I changed the wording a little from what they suggested, just putting "Pam" rather than Mother, but I think it's a lovely design.

I finished it off by sewing on a bit of calico to cover the messy back and trimming it with pinking shears as they suggested.

I think it was the perfect gift for such a sweet lady who I know loves to read.

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