Friday, September 23, 2011

Floriade 2011

As promised, here are some of my Floriade pics.  I think I mentioned last post, I went on the opening day - which can mean that not all the flowers are out yet, but I thought it looked pretty good.  It was busy, but I've seen it a lot more packed.  Hearing the forecast for this weekend, it's a good thing I went last week, cause it's going to be a cold weekend.

I love the vibrancy of these gorgeous red tulips, and the yellow ones just seem to pop out!  I also love photos with water.  Photos taken just after it's rained... when the sun comes out are my favourites.

The theme of this years Floriade is "A Feast for the Senses".  There are lots of food themed and shaped flowerbeds. Unfortunately unless you get a birds eye view, you don't really get to see the designs that well, but the flowers from the ground are still spectacular.
Canberra has got to be one of the prettiest cities to show each of the seasons at it's best.  We have gorgeous summers, vibrant autumns, delightfully freezing winters (for those who dare to try them) and as you can see, stunningly beautiful springs.
I was playing around with the settings on my new DSLR, and there was a particular setting that I seem to be drawn to. It makes the flowers pop out (in my opinion). I used my tripod for the above photo and I love the way the people are blurry and the flowers are striking!
I love tulips... what else can I say!?

A classical Canberra shot.  The tulips, the lake, and that little white building at the top centre is one of our landmarks - the Carillon
Not that great a photo, but it has the ferris wheel in the background which has become some what of Floriade tradition.  I also like that it shows so many people getting right down low to take photos and to be photographed.  I think it's cute.
I hope you enjoyed.  I am hoping to go back a few more times before it finishes in mid October.

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