Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ethan's library bag

You may remember, about this time last year I made my little niece a library bag which she has been using to take her bedding between home and childcare.  Well, it's nearly time for my gorgeous little nephew to start childcare, so my sister asked me to make little Ethan a bag like Amy's.

An amazing thing happened while I was embroidering his name onto the calico.  I was having my usual struggle with my embroidery machine and was up to my 3rd attempt at it... I mean, come on, it's only a name on some calico, how hard should it be?!?!  Anyway, I had the sudden thought to Google the problem I have been having and you wouldn't believe it... an angel had posted a solution to a discussion board and voila! it was the solution I needed (when you see how simple it is you will laugh).  I had been putting the bobbin in the wrong way round!  I know, I can't believe it.  This is why my problem was sporadic and sometimes it worked okay (when I was putting it in the right way), and other times it played up.  I thought it was just a temperamental machine!!

Anyway, it was pretty quick to make Ethan's bag.  I borrowed Amy's so that I could copy what I did with hers, however it was slightly different as Ethan's fabric has and up and down unlike Amy's which doesn't have any direction, so I couldn't sew it sideways which basically meant that it is slightly shorter.

My sister chose his fabric, it is a little thicker than Amy's fabric (which is probably good for a child's book bag), and I love the vibrant colours.
Tomorrow is a public holiday here in Canberra (and I think most other states too). We've started Daylight Savings this weekend too, so my timing is a little out.  It doesn't feel like it is nearly 11pm, and if I was going to work tomorrow, I certainly wouldn't still be up and about.

So far I have had a great weekend. On Saturday I saw not one, but two movies, both of which I really enjoyed.  Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help.  I liked them both for different reasons, but they both had a young actress called Emma Stone, and I think she's pretty great.

I hope everyone enjoys their day off tomorrow.

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