Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas bunting

I don't think I have learnt my lesson with repetitive sewing projects.  When I saw this Christmas bunting panel earlier in the year I couldn't help myself.  Although it was a lot of work, I did enjoy creating the birthday bunting for my niece's 2nd birthday in June.  I thought it would be less work to buy a panel and create bunting this way..... wrong!

Even though the cutting lines etc are on there, you still need to cut them all out, sew along every edge, measure, consider layout order, measure, and sew some more. Luckily my amazingly generous Aunty made some red bias binding for me with her bias binding machine.

Anyway, it all came together in the end.  Even though I had metres upon metres of bias, I still had to sew the triangles together rather than just put a plain backing on them. I think it worked out better that way anyway, as I was able to put red/green and more traditional Christmas colours together on one side, and on the other I have the yellows/blues and less traditional colours.

 The traditional side.
 A close up of one of the less traditional flags.

 The less traditional side.

Well, I didn't end up hanging the bunting in the middle of the room like in the pictures above. I hung it there just to get some natural light from the window on a kinda overcast day.

I hope your home is looking nice and festive.

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