Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas lights

I know I am far from professional, but I've been playing around with night photography on my new camera, and this time of year the Christmas lights are a great subject.  I had been out shooting the sights around Canberra and then on the way home thought I would go past a few places I knew would be looking lovely.

The above photo is my dear friends mum's house.  They always have a gorgeous display every year.  This is the first year without their dad, so they put up a lovely tribute to him.  Unfortunately right when I was taking pics, they started turning off the lights.  I was too afraid to go and say hi in case they wanted to turn them back on!

The other homes are all sort of in the same area. One of the above houses could be my bosses as she was telling me that her house was in a street that had quite a few decorated houses and four of the above houses were in the same street.

Anyway, if I get the chance, I would love to go out again. I've never been able to capture house lights with such glow!

I hope your lead up to Christmas is going well.

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