Friday, December 2, 2011

Hangin' in gardens

Today was the second day of summer.  Canberra being Canberra, we started the day in cardigans and slowly got rid of layers.  Still, it was a gorgeous day to just hang out in the great outdoors.  I asked Amy if she wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens and she said a very confident yes!

So we started the day at the Australian National Botanical Gardens.  We had a great time doing the Children's discovery walk.  Then I took Amy down into the rain forest.  She was very good - but is a little too obsessed with water for me to be able to take too many photos.  It is always so lovely and peaceful there during the week when there is no one else around.

After a quick lunch, we moved on to another garden... one of my most favourites in Canberra... the Old Parliament House Gardens.  I always wanted to have a birthday garden party there, but my birthday being right in the middle of winter means that the garden isn't at it's best - and anyway... who wants to have an outdoor party in Canberra in the middle of winter? Not me.

The trade off was that my sister agreed to let me organise her 30th there.  It was an absolutely gorgeous garden party under the shade of a beautiful old tree (if I do say so myself).

This is just a taste of the delectable garden.

With a new hat and sunnies, Amy was keen to do a bit of running around this garden. She also suddenly became a little poser and kept posing in front of things asking me to take her photo.  Soooo cute!!!

One of the most stunning rose colours I have ever seen.

Another pose. :)

"Look! Your favourite Aunty Ang... Lavender!" then off she ran before I could get the shot.

"Ok, I'm a little too pooped to pose now".   A gorgeous little pink flower surrounded by red roses.

"If you're sitting over there, I'm going to sit here and enjoy the view".  She is actually sitting in the same spot I organised her mum's birthday not that long before she was born.

After the gardens, we went over to the rose gardens (I'm sure you've seen enough gardens for one day), and then to the Old Parliament House.  The above is the view from right outside OPH. You can see Mount Ainslie with the Australian War Memorial right there in front.  The red path you can see in front of the War Memorial is Anzac Parade which is lined with Memorials representing all the wars and some of the services who have fought for our awesome country. 

The "Sovereignty" sign you can see in the foreground is part of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy which is on the front lawns of OPH.

After a busy and very physical day out and about we came home for a rest.  Amy was picked up by her mumma and little Ethan (the cutest little boy on the face of the earth with the most gorgeous brown eyes and long lashes I have seen).

Thank you for another special day Amy. I will miss our days together when I have to go back to full time.

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