Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Tis the season to be jolly

The last few weeks have been absolutely wonderful.  I have on several occasions regretted not having my camera on hand.  On Saturday night I went to our regular girls night in and Bec put on the most amazing dinner.  I have since tried to convince her to do an entertaining blog because she absolutely rocks at it.  When we arrived the house (which always looks amazing), had the prettiest table setting I think I've ever seen - it was decorated with aqua coloured baubles. There was a tree in the family room that matched.  As per usual, the Christmasy music, delicious nibblies and scrummy festive drinks followed by an incredible roast dinner catering to all dietary requirements of the group.  The turkey was to die for.  Ahhhh!!!

We did the usual Secret Santa lucky dip and again I scored.  I received the most amazing handmade pin and  a gorgeous nail file from KB. 

Sunday night was carols at church, but as we all know, it was unfortunately rained out, so it was moved into the auditorium. Still, as soon as you start singing carols with a group of people, it really does start feeling like Christmas.

Monday night I had craft with my bible study ladies. It was a lot of fun.  Last year we made an advent countdown Christmas chain.  We did something similar this year.  (see above).  Each of those loops have writing on the back with something to do or think about in the lead up to Christmas.  I did pop in one pamper thing... I am going to give myself a manicure and pedicure on one of the days. I'll be able to use KB's nail file!!!

This was the craft idea I brought to the group this year. I stole the idea from some of the clever ladies from work who brought in their creations.  Basically, using old Christmas cards you cut out 12 circles of the same size.  Then the tricky bit is to divide the circumference by 5 and then fold the edge of the circle in 5 times.  You then either glue or use double sided sticky tape to join the pieces together.  Make sure you add a piece of string so that it can be hung and voila!  The above ornament is my tester one. I am calling it my Aussie themed one as it has kangaroo's, koala's, cockatoo's and other native animals.

This is the one I made with the ladies.  It is my silver themed one and it is slightly larger than the first.

The flowers at the top of the post were given to me by my lovely 'Secret Friend' Ali.  I love getting flowers!!! She generously gave all of the ladies at the bible study a bunch and they were wrapped in gorgeous red and green paper for Christmas.  I am absolutely loving them to bits.  (Thank you so much Ali!!).

Well, it's getting late, and I have a busy half day at work tomorrow.  Lots of fun plans for the weekend.

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