Friday, January 20, 2012

My grandparent's wedding

While I was up at Nan's for Christmas/New Year, we came across a collection of her photos - you know the big ones that were taken professionally in a studio?  Well, my Aunty very kindly allowed me to scan them on her flat bed scanner.

My Nan wore a gorgeous Norman Hartnell wedding dress.  Mr Hartnell was the designer who created the Queen's dresses at both her wedding and coronation!  Nan's wedding was in 1948, so it was just after the Queen's wedding in 1947, but before her Coronation in 1953. (For some reason I thought the Coronation was in 1952, I guess because this year is the Diamond Jubilee - 60 years).

Pop looked really hunky.  He would have been 23, and had already spent several years serving overseas in WW2.  He was in the airforce and Nan was a nurse.

Nan had her best friend and cousin as a bridesmaid along with her little sister.  Her bouquet is coveted in our family. It was just so stunning and it would have weighed an absolute ton!
The best man was Pop's brother and I forget who the groomsman was.  (I only asked Nan about 5 times and forgot).
Doesn't she make the most beautiful bride? I love the light shining behind her - it's like a 'touched by an angel' type of glow!!
So this was another wedding photo... this time Nan is the bridesmaid and her little sister is getting married.  I don't know the exact date they got married, but it would have been a good 6 or so years after Nan though.

And this last one I couldn't resist.  It's Nan and Pop with their two eldest kids.... my Aunty and the little baby is my mother.  Awwww, bless!

Have an awesome weekend.


  1. Thank you Angela for the wonderful photos and family memories shared! I enjoy vintage images so much!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Jenny! :)