Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UK 2013 - England

Anne Hathaway's Cottage (Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway not the Hollywood actress!!)

Well I have been back for over a month now, but I have been so busy with other things to post any pictures.  I'm also still getting used to this new computer.  Anyway, no more excuses for being so slack.  I'm going to post these in parts or else there are too many photos.  First part is England.  All the pictures are out of order, but I don't think that matters too much.  It is only a taste of some of the awesome stuff I saw while I was over there.

It was an awesome trip from start to finish.
Don't think it needs a caption.  We were there too early so the pier wasn't opened… luckily I have already been there!! 

An "Eton Mess".  This was devoured at a High Tea with friends.  Real Royal Dolton was used… right up my alley!!

Guildford High Street in Surrey. Again I had been there before, but I find it is always a bit of a thrill going back to a place you have previously been.

The stunning Hampton Court Palace and gardens.

Jane Austen Centre in Bath

Plymouth Harbour Cruise

Salisbury Cathedral. I've been a little obsessed with cathedral's ever since reading Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth", so it was always a little bit exciting to see a cathedral up close!!

The quaint coastal town of St. Ives.

Stonehenge - more than just a pile of old rocks!

The Circus - Bath
Roman Baths in Bath!!


Hadrian's Wall - Heddon

Thanks for checking them out.  Don't forget to check out Ireland, Scotland and Wales!!!

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