Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UK 2013 - Harry Potter

Dobby - look at the work that has gone into that model!!!
I was super excited that my friend Mandy agreed to take me to the Harry Potter Studios. I knew she wasn't really into the books or the movies, but I enjoyed both.

I would definitely recommend a trip there if you are in the area - even if you don't know anything about the books/movies you would still enjoy seeing how they do the movie magic and appreciate all the work that goes into the sets/props/costumes/animals etc etc.

Not only can you walk though sets and touch and jump on some of the props etc, you can drink butter beer, and if there is something that is not for sale in the shop at the end I would be very shocked to hear it!!

For more information see the link.

You can walk through Diagon Alley

Yes, walk through the Great Hall and see costumes etc up close!
Not only did I get to go to the WB Studio Tour, I also went to and saw a stack of other places around the UK that are either featured in the movies (like the Glenfinnan Viaduct) or are important to the books (i.e. place where JK Rowlings wrote the first book - The Elephant House).

All I can say is that I am a very blessed and fortunate girl.

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