Monday, September 1, 2014

Mosaic heart photo canvas

When I did the house renovations last year, there was one thing in the kitchen that caused me a bit of a dilemma.

Mum had this photo board that was literally just a cork board with a stack of photos pinned to it.  Although it was messy and the photos were all bent on the edges, it was a board that everyone was drawn to.  Some were photos that people had sent us in Christmas cards, when their babies were born or when they'd gotten married.  Some were pics of when we were kids and a couple of pics from when we met famous people.

I tried to find a photo of the board from front on, but unfortunately it wasn't something that we took any photos of.  You can see it from the side in one of the 'before' pics from the renovations.

As you can see, the pictures didn't exactly sit flat.  I really didn't think it was going to look any good to stick the daggy old board back up after all the improvements.

Anyway, I was reluctant to completely get rid of it because it had been such a talking point.  People gravitated to it and loved picking out people, reminiscing about old times and just generally having a look.

Funny enough, many years ago we actually had a guy visit the house for the first time.  He looked at the photo board and spotted himself in the background of a photo!!  He'd been at the same camp years before, but we didn't meet him until years later.  Talk about small world!!

So in my ample spare time, I decided to scan all the photos and put them together somehow into a mosaic.  Then as I was playing around with the scanned images, I noticed that it has sort of started taking the shape of a heart.  Once I saw that heart shape in my mind, it was locked in.

Then when I was nearing completion and wondering how I was going to print out this heart shaped mosaic, an email popped into my inbox about a half priced canvas for Christmas.  I didn't hesitate and uploaded the mosaic to be printed on the canvas.

Personally, I think it looks pretty good.  It's still a talking point, but unfortunately it can't be added to or amended.  But it looks great in the new kitchen and mum absolutely loved her Christmas gift too.

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