Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angela's ultimate Oprah Australian Adventure!!

To say it's been an incredibly busy week would be an understatement.  I can honestly say I am so exhausted, but very happy.

As I have mentioned previously, I was one of the extremely fortunate Oprah fan's who got tickets to her Australian show on the 14th December 2010.  The whole thing was an adventure.  Just after I learnt I had won tickets, I had my first car accident (tainting my good driving record of 15 years).  My car got fixed just days before I had to drive up to Sydney.

We had to pick up the tickets at the Oprah House on Sunday 12 December, as I couldn't get the Monday as well as the Tuesday off work.  So my 8 month pregnant sister and I drove up and back on Sunday morning (6 hour round trip).  We had a really lovely time... I had my ipod loaded up with all the greatest songs in the world (but then, it always is), and we pretty much sang our way up and back.  Funny enough, it kind of reminded me of Oprah and Gayle's road trip adventure (they were some of my most fav. Oprah episodes ever). :)

Monday I worked a full day... and it was a full on day.  We had two big meetings, but I managed to get away by 4:30pm, and by 5pm, we were back on the road again, with just a little stop for dinner on the highway.  We stayed with some very old, family friend's and got to meet their little 13 month old for the first time.  It was so nice seeing them, and they were excited for us that we had managed to get tickets to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tuesday morning we were up at daybreak.  We caught the train in to the city with our lovely friend and from there joined the queue....

 Yes, this is the queue that went all the way up Macquarie Street!
 Getting closer... we can see the house!!!
This photo is from
 Oprah looked amazing (as usual) and the atmosphere was electric!
The Irwin family were there and they did a touching tribute to Steve.  It had me in tears.

I wanted to include this photo as I can spot myself and my sister.  I am in the pinky-apricot and my sister in the aqua.  Just a couple of dots in the crowd!!!  (if you click on the above picture you might get to see the back of our heads a little clearer!!!)
Just near the end of the show, Oprah held up this gorgeous necklace and said that a WA company Kalis had designed this beautiful necklace for her. Then she said that everyone in the audience was getting one!  It's weird, cause people had been saying she might give something away, but I wasn't expecting anything (especially when I saw how massive the crowd was).  This gift was better than anything I could have imagined.  What a lovely way to remember such a wonderful day.

At the very end, after the filming had finished.  Oprah spoke to the audience from her heart.  She talked about the audience she had brought over with her and how 200 of the 302 people had never been overseas before, and how we were all on an adventure to be there at that time.  It's so true.  We have so much to be grateful for and so many blessings in our lives.  You just need to take the time to think about them and make sure you make the most of every experience.

Thank you Oprah for:
  • giving me quality time with my sister
  • loving the country I love and call home and sharing that with the world
  • giving all those people the opportunity to see you in action - you're wonderful
  • an extremely generous gift for a girl who has never owned any jewellery valued over $200 let alone $650!

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