Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ethan's birth sampler

As promised, this is the x-stitch sampler I made little Ethan.  I worked on it for most of his gestation, and finished it off before he was one full day old.  It was hanging on the wall in the hospital room like Amy's

I am not very happy with the framing job, but I actually took it up to the hospital and finished it there with the tools and materials I had with me.  It really needs to be straightened and neatened up.

I think I prefer cross stitches without borders, cause it's really hard to make them look neat in the frame.

The photo isn't the greatest either. As usual, I couldn't have a flash and I don't have the steadiest hand, so it's a little blurry.

I've zoomed in on a few of the features....

Poor little Amy has been sick the last two days with a tummy bug and vomiting (although, I think she is now on the mend).  I'm sure it's all a bit overwhelming for my sister who is only just home from hospital with a newborn to try and keep bug free.  It's also her birthday tomorrow.  I am wishing her the best birthday ever - with her two little darlings.

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