Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's been happening???

It might seem a bit random, but I don't really have any pictures of  what's been going on lately, so I thought I would post some pictures I have taken of some very cute magnets I have on my fridge and freezer.

Ok, so what's been happening?  I guess there are three main things that have been consuming my time:

  1. Colour Cross (game on the DS).  It's similar to Picross which is probably my most favourite game, but I've been doing these puzzles "old school" (ie in a puzzle book called Puzzler Pixel Puzzles) for years.  I think it is possibly more fun on the DS cause you don't have to carry a pencil and eraser!!! 

    It seems I can't fall asleep these days unless I have completed a couple of games... sometimes I even fall asleep playing it and it makes my time go up.
  2. Jewel Quest Heritage.  Another computer game!  Not only am I addicted to this, but my mum is too.  I actually bought it for her for her birthday and she's been at it ever since.  I loaded it onto my computer and now I am just as addicted.  It's as good as Jewel Quest 3 in fact it's story kinda follows on from JQ3, but it is (so far) a lot easier... but then, that could be because I am now a far more superior Jewel Quester?  :)
  3. Buying books from the Book  Trust me, this is just as addictive as any of the above.  There's old books, new books and until the end of the month they are offering a further 10% discount on top of their usual low prices and free delivery from the UK.  They also don't take that long to arrive really and I do love getting things in the mail.
In addition to those things, the lovely ladies and I went to see another show at The Q last weekend.  We saw Breast Wishes which was a roller coaster ride.  The actors again, were great, and the songs were catchy and fun. The lady who played the piano was called Robyn Womersley and awesome doesn't even start to describe how good she was.  We couldn't keep our eyes off her and we told her that afterwards too!

Berlei bra's also had a "bra recycling" drop off bin in the foyer and there were also some pretty cool and unusually decorated bra's in the foyer.  Fun fun fun! 

After the show we went back to our house and had a tea party with my tea set - whoot!

The other week my sister took me to see a movie "Something Borrowed". It was good, but the cinema was freezing.  There's a character in it called Ethan which made us both realise that one day our cute little baby boy will grow up to be a man!  Freak out!!
I've also started taking Amy to swimming lessons on a Friday.  Well, last week was our first lesson - tomorrow will be interesting to see whether the novelty has worn off already.  I have to say though, she made me very proud.  Even with other kids crying around her, she never cried and she tried so hard at all the drills.  I know I've said it before, but she's a little legend.
There is also a new season of Masterchef and although I still find it hard to watch the early shows when there are so many contestants and probably enjoy it more once it gets down to the final 12, I have had it on most nights. 

Tonight is the 2nd last ever Oprah - what will fill the hole she will leave in my life? :)

So that probably just about brings you up to speed.  This weekend there will be no lovely ladies lunch for me as I am heading off on a retreat.  Should be good.

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