Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The birthday twins turn two

Look at these gorgeous little girls.  They got together a couple of weeks after their birthday to share gifts and have a baby-cino.   They are just so gorgeous when they get together.
Amy enjoying her baby cino
Tara had her little bag I had made her for her 1st birthday. 
In her bag Tara carry's her 'occunooks' which are home made binoculars, but how cute is that?  Amy loves them, and I snapped a pic of her looking out the window..... what was she looking at?
The beautiful view from The Deck at Regatta Point.  This is Canberra just about to turn dusk.  The above is the Carillon and below the National Library of Australia - one of my most favourite places to hang out.  The flag pole of the Parliament House can be very faintly seen just behind it.
To finish, I wanted to add a photo of the unbelievable cake my sister made me for my birthday.  My sister had asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday and we'd been watching Masterchef and Nigella Lawson had been on it along with this amazing cake.  Although it was extremely rich, I enjoyed every moment of having it in my life.  I'm so glad I got a photo of it.  If you're game enough, the recipe can be found here.
Although the cake is a pretty sweet thing to end on, I've found something even sweeter.... my beautiful little Ebaby... he's growing quickly and he is so unbelievably cute. 
Happy hump day!

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