Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring has definitely sprung in Canberra

I've been sitting out in my garden this morning it was just so glorious. The birds were chirping happily and I could feel the heat of the sun through the pergola. The garden is absolutely overgrown at the moment, cause we went away last weekend, so hopefully we'll get some time to neaten the garden up this weekend!   

Even though the garden is looking messy and overgrown, I am loving the colours and the feel.  It almost feels like I can see the plants growing!!  I thought I'd share some photos and as I was loading them on I had this Deja vu feeling and realised that a lot of the shots are similar to those taken this time last year.


It's kind of embarrassing to include these photos, but you can see how overgrown my old lavender bush is looking (left).  I'm going to put a copy of last years shot so that it's easier to compare (right). 

Again, these lavender bushes on the side have absolutely taken off (left).  In my shot of them last year (right) I had only just planted them, and they were itty bitty little bushes.

 This climbing yellow bush is called a Banksia Rose, it is looking pretty good at the mo.

 Gorgeous little white daisies.

Ok, this is truly embarrising as you can see all types of weeds coming up through the plants but I love the colour of these daisies and I also love the over grown may bush in the back.

Look how heavy with flowers the May bushes are.  I think they are called May bushes, as they bloom in the spring and in the Northern Hemisphere May is spring.

There is a shot of this tulip 12 months ago here.  I tried to reload it, but sometimes this blog stuff is just too hard.

I don't think I will get back to Floriade now before it finishes, so I am so glad I got a chance to go on the first day.  Queen Elizabeth II will be here in a few days and they are going to spruce it up for her to have a look.  Hopefully it will still look nice for her visit.

Have a lovely weekend!

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