Saturday, November 5, 2011

Girls weekend to Tilba part2

Sorry it's taken a while to get the second part. I have been super busy as well as sick, and lots of other things going on. Anyway, I got there in the end AND I persisted with loading the photos, cause it took about an hour to load just these 15 pictures.

So day two we took the usual walk into Tilba Central.  It doesn't take all that long - maybe just over an hour, but there is a part of the road which is not sealed. It is really lovely walking along it with the gorgeous tall trees.  A very Aussie bush setting.
This cute little cottage is on the edge of town. It, like most of the other shops in the main street look like houses.  Some times they are occupied as residences, other times they are shops or studios.  I love cottages so I am entranced by Tilba.
This is the famous ABC Cheese Factory at Tilba. It has the yummiest cheeses, and lots of other cool stuff like honeys and souvenirs.  My sister unfortunately couldn't come this time round, so she put in her orders for all the usual things she likes... one of them is the sun dried cheese from the Cheese Factory!!
This cute little cottage is a residence at the moment.  I love it!
 Love the flowers!!!
This is the famous Tilba leather shop.  I bought my handbag there last time I came which turned out to be the most expensive handbag I have bought to date, but I had my sister along that time, and she managed to twist my arm and convince me that I didn't spoil myself enough.  I think since then, I have spoilt myself quite a few times!!
This is Bates Emporium Store which was once featured in a Nescafe ad. It is seriously like stepping back in time. It has Delicious fudge and lots of old things. The front of the store has magazines and papers but with that country shop feel. 
This is the memorial just outside the Emporium.  I love that the view from this spot is so scenic. 
After spending all our money in Tilba, eating yummy food and topping it off with a creamy gelato, we took a drive to Cemetery Beach.  I didn't take a pic of the cemetery, but it is a small plot up on the top of the hill overlooking the ocean.  We wandered down and mucked around on the beach until the we could see the dark clouds coming in and thought it best to head towards the house.
On the road back from Cemetery Beach we passed some cows.  Being spring, there were lots of calves. Soooo cute!
We had a couple of high teas, but much to my delight we had a special bottle of Moet to celebrate one of the girl's birthdays. 
Moet bubbles.
High tea on the second night had to be inside (traditionally it is held on the lovely deck overlooking the valley below, but the rain came in so it was moved inside which was equally as nice).  I got to use my tea set and we had no shortage of amazing fresh, yummy, healthy (and not so healthy) foods.  You will certainly never go hungry in Tilba!!!

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