Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Years cruise 2014

Because it's been so long since I posted anything (except for last weeks post), I was looking at the last couple of posts I did waaaay back in December 2014.  I was doing a Christmas countdown and posting a picture of a Christmas decoration from my travels and the last one I posted was from the cruise mum and I went on in September/October 2014.

Well, I mention in that post that I should add some photos of that cruise - what I didn't mention was I was about to head off on another New Years cruise with one of my previous travel buddies.

I didn't find any of the Fiji cruise photos, but I did find these from the Vanuatu cruise.  These are just a selection of random pics - unfortunately I can't remember which islands they were taken on as it's now been too long, but it's good to have them added so that I can dream about the warmth and lovely sunny holidays I've been on. (since it's currently cold and a little miserable).

I think this is the pier on Mystery Island.  Only because I've been there a couple of times now.
Pretty sure this is also Mystery Island - aren't the colours amazing!
Looking back at the ship - it always amazes me how huge they are.
Can't remember which island, but these were the toilets.  So cool.
Ship is a long way away on this island
Love these trees (especially on a hot day when you need a bit of shade!)
Pretty sure this was in Vanuatu - it's a cyclone tree that you can take refuge inside when the winds are blowing.
Look at the colour of that water
Stunning flowers
I love walking around the islands - everything is so picturesque
The cutest little island child ever
No cruise is complete without some towel animal origami!!  Bunny at the port hole.
Cute elephant towel origami.
It's always bitter sweet coming back into Sydney - the holiday is over, but it is seriously one of the prettiest harbours in the world.

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