Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kaily Jessica

One of my dear friends gave birth to her second child on Monday... a little girl called Kaily. She is an absolute little sweetheart (I've already enjoyed a lovely cuddle).

I designed a little dragon cross stitch for her based on the pink Lamaze dragon I found for her.  Her mum is into dragons, and since her older brother had a sheep theme (based on his dad's previous occupation), I thought it only fitting that little Kaily should have something her mumma was into.

So I went looking for cute stuffed dragons, and this one was the only one I could find. Then I designed the cross stitch chart, but unfortunately the pictures of the Lamaze dragon didn't make it seem much like a dragon, so I found a picture of a cartoon dragon and tried to use the same colouring.  I added the little flowery things as it just seemed to need something.  I'm not as happy with it as I was with her brothers, but I guess it is still special and unique and of course made with love.

I also did an machine embroidered dragon in purple.... again purple is her mumma's favourite colour.  Unfortunately again I had troubles with the machine.  I don't know, it feels like it just doesn't like me.  At least it didn't make a hole in the fabric I guess!!

Still, I think it is really nice to see your baby's name stitched onto something they can keep.  If you are interested in viewing her brother's blanket (sheep themed of course), you can see it here.  Sam's blanket was made by my Aunty, so it is a lot nicer than this one.

I am meant to be going away this long weekend (leaving tomorrow morning) and I haven't even started packing.  I need to get a wiggle on.  Enjoy the weekend!!

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