Sunday, August 4, 2013

365 Project

I received an email the other day noting that I hadn't logged in to the 365 project for some time and advising that they were going to delete my project.

I honestly think fair enough. I am sure their servers have an over abundance of old photos.  Well anyway, I appreciated getting the email, cause it meant I could go back in and take screen dumps of each month.  Of course it's not as good as the real thing.  It is only a small cropped version of the actual photo, and it doesn't include all the lovely comments I received on some of them.

Still, it was certainly a visual diary of what I got up to in 2012 - holidays, birthdays, weddings, adventures, challenges, experiments etc.  It's a shame this year has gone past so quickly already and I don't have too much to show for it (yet).